Bermejo Wines in the UK and Ireland!

Bodega Bermejo wines are some of the most well know and sort after wines in Lanzarote.  We are delighted to work alongside the winery to bring a number of their most popular references to the UK and Ireland for the first time! 

The commercial winery as we know it today, was incorporated in 2001 and production has grown steadily (harvest permitting) ever since.  Their values however, have always remained the same, and that is to produce unblended wines, using only native varietals.  Honouring and respecting the fruit however, is the most important aspect of their winemaking process.

Bodega Bermejo UK

The process takes in only the most precious must, with only around 60% of the grape juice being extracted, meaning many wines are fresh, crisp and aromatic.

Daniel Martin, one of the “young guns” of Lanzarote wine, is their winemaker and oversees the entire process.  In only his late 20’s, Dani has worked in the family vineyards all of his life, before studying in Spain and gaining experience at one of the most famous Spanish wineries, Tempos Vega Sicilia.  A couple of years ago he took over from co-owner and previous winemaker Ignacio Valdera, who now oversees the entire operation of the business.

We bring a range of their most popular wines to you, all of which we love and see enjoyed by our Wine Tours Lanzarote guests on the island!

Bermejo wines UK

Bermejo Wines

Bermejo Seco is one of our biggest sellers and for good reason, it is one of the most symbolic wines of Lanzarote.  This dry white is produced from the island’s unique Malvasia Volcanic grape and is an excellent example of the varietal in its purest form, with minimal intervention. 

Bermejo Tinto Barrica.  This red wine is produced with Listan Negro, a variety common throughout the Canary Islands.  To give structure, it has been aged for 4 months in French oak barrels.  The finished wine offers a great balance, and most importantly, the volcanic nature of the wine is still dominant, and perfectly showcases a variety few will have tried outside of the Canaries.

Bermejo wine Ireland

Bermejo Brut Nature.  No longer do sparkling wines have to be enjoyed with a celebration.  There are only two sparkling Malvasia Volcanica’s in Lanzarote, and this is a perfect example.   The wines is bone dry, with a combination of fruit and toasty notes, making it an excellent aperitif or alongside fresh white fish for example.

Bermejo Rosado is the only sparkling rose produced from Listan Negro in Lanzarote.  It is a firm favourite and there are currently just a few bottles left as I type this!

Bermejo Semidulce.  A semisweet/ medium wine lovers favourite.  Plenty of citric and ripe tropical fruit aromatics and flavours make this wine a hit both on its own or with fresh or semi cured cheeses.  New stock arriving soon!

Bermejo Diego is a wine produced from a lesser know but increasing sought after variety.  Diego is lesser aromatic and higher in acidity than Malvasia, making it an excellent companion for food, especially richer fish and even white meat. 

Bermejo Dulce Naturalmente.  This Sweet Malvasia is produced in a traditional style from a time gone by.  Once sweet wines from the Canaries were the most sought after both in Europe and America, and still to this day the sweet wines are exceptional.  In short, the highly ripened and partially dehydrated grape (meaning there is plenty of sweetness) is fermented, producing a sweet wine of 14%. This wine is aged by way of “Solera.”  In this fractional aging process, a proportion of wine is taken out of the solera and bottled, and the new wine is added to the solera in its place.  A perfect wine to be enjoyed with friends and family after a special dinner.

Bermejo Rose – A seriously popular wine in the US and we manage to get a limited allocation each year.  In fact, we have a small shipment on the way, so do let us know if you are interested!  This rose is one of our favourites too and can be enjoyed on its own, or with grilled vegetables or white meat.

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Our stock is based in the UK and prices are inclusive of taxes.  Typical delivery is 3-5 days, but we do have a next day option available too!  Don’t forget, that signing up to our newsletter gives you 5% of your first order and postage is free with 12 bottles of wine!  Contact us directly for EU shipping and sales.

You can find Bermejo’s range of wines on our website or you can even visit Bermejo’s webpage to see more detail about their winery.

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