Trabanco Cider and a Charitable Project!

At the end of January, a routine team meeting led to cases of Trabanco's delicious, Pecado del Paraiso cider landing on the Wine Shop Lanzarote & Wine Tours Lanzarote door step!

Our team member Anita, had mentioned a friend of hers knew of some fantastic Asturian cider in Lanzarote looking for a good home, it was for free and did we know of anyone?  The only downside (if you can call it a downside), was that the expiry date was looming, so it needed to be drunk!  Sometimes things are too good to be true, but we all agreed that we should give this cider a good home!

The first thing (and it was early in the morning!) to do was taste it and Ollie was lucky enough to have his brother with him.  As you can see from the photo, we are not "influencers", but Tobyn has probably drunk more pints of cider than ridden miles on his bike.  Well that might be a slight exaggeration, but he does know his cider and his verdict was a big thumbs up.

Trabanco Cider

After a chat with Trabanco in Asturias (the traditional home of Spanish cider), we decided on a plan for the cider, while offering some publicity, testing the market and also raising some funds for a charitable cause, so everyone benefited.

Cerveza Nao

Through our contacts we visited a number of bars, breweries and restaurants and offered the cider for a donation, on the basis there wasn't long to sell it and the proceeds would go to a good cause.  We were interested to hear feedback too, as maybe one day Trabanco would be on the Island for good!

 Cerveza Malpeis

It was a fun little project and in the end we managed to raise over 200 euros for Fundacion Foresta, which has resulted in 10 native trees being planted in Gran Canaria.  Ollie suggested Fundacion Foresta, as it was felt that it was a common cause to all involved.  After all, everyone involved deals with the transport of products or people (tourists) to the Canary Islands, so offsetting this environmental "cost" was felt a benefit to all.

Fundacion Forester

Maybe one day you will find Trabanco on Lanzarote for good!  If you see Pecado del Paraiso on your travels try it!  It is delicious and seriously refreshing with some ice!

With thanks to our friends:

2 Cabras Brewing / Saxos

Bistro Arbol

Cerveza Nao

Cervezas Malpeis 

El Velero del Charco

The Upper Deck



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