Extreme Weather in Lanzarote!

February was a month of extremes in Lanzarote.  It was an unsettled month which saw hail, tornadoes and more rain than we can remember.  Mixed with this were also some beautiful sunny days!

The 4th of February saw the most extreme weather and you can see a video Ollie made below.  The day started with a beautifully sunny surf, but it soon changed! 

We had some hail 5 years ago but not in this quantity.  The locals in my village, quite simply had seen nothing like it before!

What does this mean for the vines?

We have documented in depth over the past years about the dwindling grape yield following a series of warm and dry winters.  This winter we have actually seen some particularly wet days stretching as far back as September, which is early even by Lanzarote's standards.  Average rainfall is typically 150mm per annum, and since September we have seen over 200mm fall in La Geria.  Will this weather make a difference?  We certainly hope so and speaking with the winemakers, it is exactly what they would have wanted.  Not just the rainfall, but also the colder temperatures which have given the vines some and rest and respite ahead of the 2023 growing season.

Fingers crossed!



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