Artemi Honey Rum

Here at the Wine Shop Lanzarote, we’ve been busy bringing new products for you to enjoy! That’s why we are proud to announce our first non-Lanzarote product and our first rum to our online shop. The renowned Artemi Honey Rum.

Canarian rum is considered one of the best in the world. Thanks to their location, the Canary Islands have been an important pit stop for many travellers and shipments for centuries, including the first shipments of sugar cane between nations. Sugar cane thrived in this climate, and since then, one of its by products, rum, has become an important part of Canary Island identity, culture, and tradition.

Founded in 1940 and named after a native Canarian King from the XV century, Artemi is the creator of a traditional rum recipe tailored to the Canarian palate. This brand takes pride in its Canarian heritage and culture and is particularly well known for its honey rum.  Today, Artemi is still 100% Canary based, and now a member of the Arehucas Distilleries Group which dates to 1884.

Rum barrels in Arehucas distillery

When Artemi was first born, the packaging was done in carafes and barrels. The bottles were corked by hand and washed in basins with brushes. The company was still run by the family’s second generation, until it was sold to Arehucas in 2005. Today, Artemi counts on the newest technology at the new Artemi liquor factory, in Telde, Gran Canaria.  Thanks to that, Artemi is one of the main rum producers of the Canaries, known also for their white and gold rums, Canary Cream among others.

The elaboration process of course begins with sugar cane, which is thoroughly analysed for optimum quality.  The then distilled spirit, is infused, and processed with honey and aromatic extracts.  It goes through homogenisation and filtration processes by traditional techniques. As a result, an exquisite combination of aroma, flavour and sweetness is obtained, making it a perfect digestive throughout the year.  Our tip is nice and cold, poured straight on the rocks!

Thanks to these great products and the work put in behind them, Artemi has received many awards, such as the IV Gold Medal for the Quality of International Alcoholic Beverages, or the title of “Excellent Product”, given by the Spanish Institute of Industrial Development, and more.

We're very excited to be selling this product on our UK based online shop. You can get your bottle of Artemi Honey Rum right here and enjoy it from the comfort of your home in the UK, Ireland and EU. Don't miss out!


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