A Happy Father’s Day!

A Happy Father's Day!

A father has a very unique role in his child’s life... He is a role model, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to play catch with, and nowadays an ear to feel heard, and lets face it, more often than not over a beer or glass of wine!

So, we got our team together here in Lanzarote and thought, let’s show the dads some praise and show how best to acknowledgement them this year!  

So here’s our picks, for those very moments, something very special and a little different!  Give him that little reminder of tranquillity or maybe that holiday in Lanzarote!

El Grifo Ariana in the UK & Ireland

Bodega El Grifo Ariana

El Grifo Ariana -  is a blend of the Island's native red grape Listan Negro, with 30% of El Grifo’s very own Syrah.  It goes down a storm with red wine lovers looking for something uniquely different.  Atlantic freshness given some depth from Syrah. 

Bodega Vulcano Wine UK & Ireland

Bodega Vulcano Roble

Ollie opened a bottle of Vulcano’s Malvasia Volcanica Roble the other night and was reminded just how different and surprising this wine is.  Rich and buttery, with lovely balanced acidity thanks to its barrel fermentation and lees aging.  A great wine to pair with food, including white meat and pasta dishes!

Los Bermejos Brut Nature UK and Ireland

Los Bermejo’s Brut Nature

A sparkling white (or rose!) wine produced using the traditional method and aged more than two years in the bottle!  Incredibly fresh, crisp volcanic fizz meets some toasty notes, an ideal mix for a summers day!

Cerveza Nao UK & Ireland

Ceveza Nao’s Black Padrón

This Black IPA is a real rarity, balanced and well represented with a dry and bitter IPA finish.  Almost a Porter & IPA hybrid.  At 7.6% you're not going to be in a rush to finish!

Primo Vermut UK and Ireland

Primo de Lanzarote Vermouth 

Unlike a traditional Vermouth, Primo’s base is a top-quality wine produced using Lanzarote’s finest wines from the Malvasía Volcánica and Diego grape varieties, then later infused with a mixture of selected herbs and spices.  Enjoyed on it's own or a great mixer in cocktails.  Anyone for a Negroni?

You can also now contact us straight after your order has been placed and add a little personalised note in there for the “Old Man”!

From us here at Wine Shop Lanzarote, we send a special shout-out to all the Dads out there!

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