Affiliate program

We are pleased to run an affiliate program to help incentivise our followers to spread the word of Lanzarote’s fabulous wines and products.

The affiliate link can be posted on websites, blogs, banner ads and even social media posts.

Any sales made through the link will entitle the affiliate to a 5% commission which will all be recorded electronically.

Signing up is very simple. All you need to do to obtain a link is to sign up here.

You will shortly afterwards receive confirmation from one of the team accepting your application to the program.

You will see the full terms and conditions and privacy policy during the sign up process, but some specific ones are also highlighted below.

Please contact with any questions.

All the best.

Highlighted Terms and Conditions

  • This affiliate scheme may change or end in the future, with little warning, but all accumulated commissions will be paid out before the end of the scheme.
  • We expect affiliates to know and market our products responsibly and in accordance with affiliate marketing & general laws in their respective country.
  • Payments will be made monthly and automatically by PayPal when over GBP20 in earnings has been accumulated.
  • We may immediately cancel an affiliate membership if we deem it as irresponsible. The Affiliate will use the promotional material solely and exclusively to direct its visitors and/or clients to the Wine Shop Lanzarote Website. The Affiliate will also only use his own photographs or photographs and materials which can be found in the Affiliates area without changing the design.
  • The Affiliate may not use the brand or any other promotional material such as photos owned by Wine Shop Lanzarote, Lanzarote Outdoors SL or its suppliers without written authorisation from said suppliers of Wine Shop Lanzarote or Lanzarote Outdoors SL.