About us

Wine Shop Lanzarote is a sister trading name to Wine Tours Lanzarote, both of which are owned by Lanzarote Outdoors S.L.U.

Wine Shop Lanzarote has been a dream since day one, back in 2017. Our team is in the vineyards of Lanzarote every day, speaking with the wineries and most importantly with our clients and consumers. We are in a unique position to know what is happening on a day to day basis and see those wines which are enjoyed the most. Our clients have become big fans of Lanzarote wine, and have always been disappointed to learn it is not possible to purchase them once home in the UK and Ireland. We are delighted to change this!

The team are all friends and have worked together for many years. We´re all keen watermen away from the world of wine and have recently been producing small batches of homemade craft beer together.

Ollie Horton Wine Shop Lanzarote


Ollie Horton

Sales Manager

Dan Priestley


Sven Grossenbacher


Sales and Marketing Manager

Angela Paterson