New Producers, New Wines!

Lanzarote Wine Bottles

The Young Guns of Lanzarote Wine.

This has been a project sometime in the making and we're proud to now have in stock wines from the next generation of Lanzarote wine producers.  Wine Shop Lanzarote now more accurately reflects the island's wine industry and the changes that have taken place over the past 2-3 years.  Fantastic signature wines, produced by winemakers who also personally farm their own vineyards thereby taking care of the entire process themselves.  You won’t find more passion, love and dedication that has gone into producing these volcanic wines.

These new wineries and winemakers are no strangers to us. We presented their wines at the Volcanic Wines of the World Fair in London in 2023 to great acclaim from professionals and consumers alike.  We also have known them personally for some time via our sister business Wine Tours Lanzarote.

Many of you will be familiar with Malvasia Volcanica, in the style of fresh, crisp and fruit forward aromatic wines.  Be aware, these wines are not made in that familiar style.  Many will find these wines more complex, more gastronomic and maybe not as easily drunk in the sunshine, more to be drunk slowly, appreciated and understood.

For those unfamiliar with some of these names, we encourage you to read the descriptions and also the Producer Page on our website.  Here I’ll summarised by way of an introduction.

Bodega Erupcion

Amor Lopez Bodega Erupcion

Founded by winemaker Amor Lopez in 2021, Amor has taken the traditional family business to a whole new level with her signature wines. 

Amor producers her white 100% Malvasia Volcanica, named Milagro de Magmasia, with a mix of reductive and oxidative processes.  Meanwhile, her carbonic macerated red, Luz de Obsidiana speaks volumes of the marine rich environment where the grapes grow.

Cohombrillo 4/24

Eamonn Lopez collecing grapes Cohombrillo

Founded in 2021 in its current form, by Eamonn Lopez, he works together with Tenerife native oenologist Pablo Matallana to produce traditional natural wines.  Single parcel references, spontaneous fermentation and unfiltered wines are the go.  A 100% Malvasia Volcanica “Ajul” and 50/50 blend of Malvasia and Listan Blanco from the most heroic of vineyards on Montana Tinasoria, aptly named "Tinasoria".

David Fernandez

David Fernandez Wine Lanzarote

A real young gun of Lanzarote wine.  At 28 David is producing natural wines from his bodega in the north of Lanzarote.  From regenerated vineyards, the grapes are harvested early, undergo spontaneous fermentation at ambient temperatures making his light (in % vol terms).  His 100% Malvasia Volcanica "Maho" was one of the real stand outs in London last year.


Titerok-Akaet collecting Wine

A project that began in 2014, formally launched in 2017 by Juan Daniel Ramirez and Marta Labanda. The bodega is focused on the recovery and maintenance of old plots with great varietal and clonal heterogeneity and by the variety of its soils and landscapes.  "Paraje", their white wine is just this, expressive of the islands marine and volcanic influences, with a blend of 4 grapes from various small parcels of land from across the island.

We hope this introduction wets the appetite!  As mentioned, there is more info on our producers page. We will also be spending more time with these winemakers over the weeks and months ahead so keep an eye on our newsletter and channels!

We hope you enjoy them, and we would love to hear your feedback!



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