Vinoterapia Cosmetics now available in the UK & Ireland!

Vinoterapia by Lanzaloe

Lanzaloe is a company that is devoted to the creation of products based on Aloe Vera. Its main goal is to combine knowledge and tradition with the latest technologies, thereby putting all the benefits Aloe Vera has to offer in their clients´ hands.  In 2011 a collaboration agreement was signed with the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin of Wines of Lanzarote and Lanzaloe.  In line with the company's philosophy, the aim is to guarantee the origin of the raw materials.

For this reason, Lanzaloe decided to develop a line of cosmetic and personal care products by combining the juice of fresh organic Aloe Vera leaves with the most famous Lanzarote Denomination of Origin grape varietal, the Malvasía Volcanica.  Two years later, they launched the Vinoterapia line of products which are rich in polyphenols.  They are powerful natural antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, which are responsible for oxidation in skin cells.

Living in an environment like Lanzarote, a proclaimed "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO, Lanzaloe are well aware of the importance of preserving the environment.  They are committed to a strict ecologic agricultural process that is environmentally friendly and concerned about the plant cycles.  None of the products are tested on animals.

We decided to stock the following 3 products which are always popular with our Wine Tours clients and Islanders a like.

Vinoterapia Cosmetics

Malvasía Volcánica - Handmade Natural Soap

This luxurious natural soap has been made using traditional methods, which is enriched with Malvasia grape seed oil and organic aloe vera extracts. The soap is rich in polyphenols and tannins from wine, which help regenerate dead cells and stimulate collagen production, this acts as an exfoliant, cleaning the skin deeply and providing hydration and softness leaving a fresh and aromatic aroma behind

Malvasía Volcánica – Body Milk

This fast-absorbing body milk will benefit your skin from its high content of Malvasía Volcánica must extract, aquavit and pure Aloe Vera juice. Giving your skin maximum moisturisation throughout the day.

Malvasía Volcánica – Shower Gel

This refreshing shower gel is made up from Malvasía grape juice extract, aquavit and Pure Aloe Vera Juice. It is an antioxidant, moisturiser while also firming the dermis and its natural ingredients help to keep your skin smooth and young.

We hope you enjoy these products, which also make the perfect for a gift!


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