New Producer - Bodega Martinón

The story behind Bodega Martinon began when Eduardo Martinon (Snr), the founder of the winery, fell in love with a woman, but also with her beautiful vineyard! From that moment on, the Martinon family’s love for wine and winemaking has never stopped growing.

After working for different industries and wineries, and with the help of his son Eduardo (Jnr), the now current owner, they started preparing for the opening of their own bodega in 2003.  It finally kicked off with their first harvest, in 2006.

Eduardo (Snr) was a loyal devotee to Lanzarote wine and its culture, so much that he always dreamt of creating a wine from grapes grown in the heart of La Geria, that could speak to the authenticity, personality, and potential of its land. This is where the idea of their “Lágrima” wine came in. Produced from 80-year-old vines from the heart of La Geria, they designed the perfect process to produce a cellar white wine that represents La Geria and Lanzarote’s viticulture, based on the Malvasía Volcánica grape. Named “teardrop”, its uniqueness is attributed to the must obtained from natural draining after maceration, instead of the usual pressing process like most wines. It is a limited-edition wine and is only produced in good years when the harvest and weather favour their yield.  In the rest of the years, the Lágrima wine is used to compliment all other Martinon wines with a small amount, just enough to bring out the essence of La Geria and its’ uniqueness. The last Lágrima wine was produced in 2019 and was awarded the “Great Gold Baco” medal.

With one dream made reality, Eduardo (Snr) sadly passed away. This left his son Eduardo, now current owner and producer, alongside his brother, with the urge to make their father’s love for red wine and his dream to create his own, a reality. Hesitant at first, Eduardo knew it wasn’t going to be easy in a predominantly white grape region.  And, after trying to produce red and rose wine, they were faced with an extremely low yield for the amount of work that was put in.  This is when they realise that, like in champagne, red grapes could be used to produce a white wine in a way nobody else was doing on the island, and that’s what they set out to do. They kept their father’s dream of using red grapes alive, while benefiting the company by creating a new and special wine, with a process that stood out from the rest.  This new wine, a Blanc de Noirs, being the first of its kind in Lanzarote reached high demand quickly and received various prizes.  When you taste it, you’ll see why!

Martinon Blanc de Noirs wine

Martinon’s recent success and prize winning came as a bit of a surprise for Eduardo, as in his own words “I’ve been doing the same thing in the same way for 16 years”. But to his sister Carmen, who is the one that began entering Martinon wine in contests a few years ago, it was just a matter of time! Thanks to this, Martinon’s great wine is getting the acknowledgment it deserves. So much so, that they have won lots of different prizes for many of their different wines on a national and international scale.

Bodega Martinon owns approximately 15 hectares of land, and buys carefully selected grapes from other local farmers, making their produce around 50% self-grown.  They produced 20.000 litres of wine in 2021, from 52.000 kilos of grapes.  This being said, since the beginning, Martinon counts on the hands of only one person to work with the vines and the winery, except for the occasional helpers when needed, and an oenologist that visits the winery every August.

That's why we're very excited to be selling this unique product on our shop. You can get your own bottle of Eduardo’s wine from our UK based online shop at and enjoy it from the comfort of your home in the UK, Ireland and EU.

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