Lanzarote's Malvasía Volcánica

When thinking of Lanzarote wine, Malvasía Volcánica always comes to mind. This unique grape variety is characteristic of Lanzarote wine, and it’s thanks to the Malvasía that the Canary Islands’ wine was first put on the global wine map.

Recognised by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine as a unique variety, the Malvasía Volcánica corresponds to no less than 70% of Lanzarote’s grape produce. Although originally from the Greek islands, the Malvasía grape made its way to Lanzarote after the eruptions in the 18th Century, adapting perfectly to the landscape and growing into its own distinct variety.  It is in fact a cross of Malvasia and another Canary Island variety, Marmajuelo, and you will only find it on our volcanic island.

Dan collecting Malvasia Volcanica grapes


In the beginning, the UK was a faithful importer of Canary Island Malvasía, importing a millions of litres per annum. Even Shakespeare was a lover of Malvasía (or Malmsey or Sack, as it was known,) mentioning it in no less than 3 of his playwrights!

Adapted to its environment and the type of volcanic soil it grows in, this grape produces an aromatic and well bodied white wine that is versatile and has great acidity levels. This versatility enables its use in dry wines, but also sweet and sparkling wines. The dry wines should be drunk quite young, meanwhile the sweets can be carefully aged in the bottle.

Malvasía Volcánica grows on the hillsides or valleys of the volcanoes and is collected manually. The yield is scarce, and the resulting wine perfectly represents the mineral and volcanic character of the vineyards, along with the salty Atlantic air that blows across them. 

Dan and Ollie collecting grapes at El Tablero


The dry wines are clean and crystalline with lemony tones and golden edges. Its citrus and tropical aromas remind us of lemon, mango, and pineapple.  It’s a must-have when eating fresh fish and cheese, or white meats and even meals with rich sauces for the Malvasías with some lees or oak aging.

Malvasía Volcánica wines are the best in representing the taste of Lanzarote and its viticulture.

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