Lanzarote Grape Varieties

Malvasía Volcánica (White)

This is Lanzarote’s most famous variety and has been recognised by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.) as a variety in its own right. Around 70% of the Island’s wine is derived from this one varietal alone. It’s very versatile, making fine sparkling wines, all the way through to the famed dessert wines.

Listán Negro (Red)

Diego, also known as Vijariego, (White)

Moscatel de Alexandria (White)

The variety of Moscatel growing on the Island is from Moscatel de Alexandria, originating in Egypt. The vine can cope with our hot and dry climate, but does enjoy more moisture than some of the other varietals here. This means it is often planted in Chabocos (the cracks and gullies in a solid lava flow) where any rainfall is naturally collected.

Winemakers on the island use the Moscatel grapes typically for dessert wine, developing a sweet wine with notes of honey, lychee, peach and elderflower. The harvest time for Moscatel is the last on the Island, typically in September.

Food pairing: Aged goats or cows cheese or a fruit based dessert.

Listán Blanco (Palamino)

Listán Blanco known to many as Palamino is well known as a variety used in the production of Sherry on the Spanish mainland. It is of course widely grown across Spain but in the Canary Islands it takes the name Listán Blanco, where you will often find it blended and very rarely in an unblended form. It was once the most popular grown varietal, but over the years Malvasía Volcánica took over.

We currently do not stock this grape variety.